Scarborough's Grosvenor Casino staff to go the extra mile to support charity partner Carers Trust

Staff at Scarborough's Grosvenor Casino plan to hit 10,000 miles of movement for charity.
Staff at Scarborough's Grosvenor Casino plan to hit 10,000 miles of movement for charity.

Staff at Scarborough's Grosvenor Casino will be donning their running shoes, digging out their swimming costumes and dusting down their bikes as they plan to hit 10,000 miles of movement for charity.

To celebrate its 5th anniversary supporting the nationwide charity Carers Trust, Grosvenor Casinos is launching a new initiative – Miles for Carers’ Smiles – where staff will clock up 10,000 miles of movement and raise money along the way.

The initiative has been set up to mark a major milestone in the link up between the two, as the number of carers reached through the partnership reaches 10,000.

The trust works to improve support, services and recognition for anyone living with the challenges of caring, unpaid, for a family member or friend who is ill, frail, disabled or has mental health problems.

With locally based network partners, they are able to support carers in their homes through the provision of replacement care, and in the community with information, advice, emotional support, practical help and access to breaks.

Hannah Hugill General Manager at Grosvenor Casino Scarborough, said: “We’re passionate about our fundraising activities that support carers and want to celebrate our partnership with Carers Trust helping 10,000 carers by raising money in a more creative way.

But it’s not just staff that are being encouraged to take part. Friends, family, customers and any other locals can all join in to reach that 10,000 miles. All they have to do to is visit and sign up.

Miles can be entered and tracked manually or by connecting their tracking device to their profile. Friends and family can also log on to sponsor them by the mile and all money raised will go towards each club’s fundraising target.

"Miles for Carers’ Smiles does just that and by logging a mile for every single one of them, we want to show that we care and that we want to keep making a difference to their lives.

“We’re calling on staff in Scarborough to walk, run, swim, cycle, row, skate or Zumba their way to clocking up some miles so we can reach a collective 10,000 in just five weeks.”

Giles Meyer, Chief Executive of Carers Trust, said: “We’re thrilled that our partnership with Grosvenor Casinos will reach the significant milestone of having helped 10,000 carers later this year.

"We are even more excited that Grosvenor Casinos is aiming to raise funds for us in such an energetic way. They has been our charity partner for five years and this initiative really shows that it goes that extra mile to help us support unpaid carers across the UK.”