Scarborough’s new lifeboat in town for trials

Shannon Class Lifeboat at Scarborough..Picture Richard Ponter 122918b
Shannon Class Lifeboat at Scarborough..Picture Richard Ponter 122918b
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Scarborough’s new, faster Shannon-class lifeboat has arrived in the harbour ready for sea trials with the lifeboat crew.

The £1.5m vessel will replace Scarborough’s RNLI Mersey class lifeboat, Fanny Victoria Wilkinson and Frank Stubbs, when she comes to the end of her operational life in the next couple of years.

She will be the first RNLI all-weather lifeboat to run on powerful water jets instead of propellers.

Steve Parker, lifeboat operations manager, said: “The Mersey class lifeboat is a big favourite with crews. But it has been going to sea in the worst imaginable conditions for 24 years now. Technology has moved on and we think we can give our crews something better.

“First, the Shannon will be capable of 25 knots compared with the Mersey’s top speed of 17 knots. It’s not just about more powerful engines – the hull shape needed a lot of work to achieve this extra speed, which could mean the difference between life and death.

“Second, a lifeboat has to be safe. Extra safety features have been introduced so we can ask our volunteers to take on those storms for another 25 years. All this has been achieved by an in-house team of specialist engineers and naval architects working with commercial partners.”