Scarborough's park and ride: here's when decision on their future will be made

The Filey Road site
The Filey Road site

A decision to close Scarborough’s two park and ride sites during winter in order to save money is set to be taken next week.

North Yorkshire County Council’s executive will meet on Tuesday and be asked to approve the plans to close the Filey Road and Seamer Road sites between November 1 and March 31 in a bid to save money.

The out of season closure was the preferred option of the borough’s county councillors and also the public following a consultation, other options included the closure of one or both of the sites.

The sites, which both hold 600 vehicles and run a bus service into Scarborough every 15 minutes through the day seven days a week, are costing the county council a combined £473,000 a year to operate.

A total of 560 people responded to a consultation on what should be done with the sites, with 58.2% of people backing the out of season closure.

The second most popular option was the closure of the Seamer Road site, which was favoured by just under 20% of respondents.

In a report prepared for the executive, it says that there will be the flexibility to open the sites ahead of schedule to allow for years with an early Easter holiday.

The council will also examine whether it can generate income by charging for overnight motorhome parking and also consider opening the park and ride sites for out-of-season events if there is a demand.

Figures prepared for the county council show that in 2011-12 a total of 238,694 passengers used the Seamer Road site but that fell to 124,786 in 2017-18. The number of passengers using the Filey Road site also fell dramatically over the same period with 147,137 fewer people using it in 2017-18 compared to 2011-12 when the figure stood at 294,468.

Earlier this year, members of the county’s Scarborough Area Committee bemoaned the site of “ghost buses” from the park and ride sites travelling around the town with no passengers on them and backed the closure during the winter months.