Scarborough’s park and view

Park and ride  drive-in mock-up: Adam Meads
Park and ride drive-in mock-up: Adam Meads

CINEMA fans could be jumping in their cars and going to the movies in Scarborough if a radical new idea takes off.

Speaking at this week’s meeting of Scarborough Council, Cllr Eric Broadbent suggested that the A64 park and ride site could be used as a drive-in cinema when it is not in operation.

The park and ride facility on Seamer Road

The park and ride facility on Seamer Road

He said a similar idea was very popular when he worked in South Africa and felt it would be an ideal evening time use.

He added: “Every time I drive past it takes me back. It’s an ideal location because it’s not near any houses.”

Cllr Broadbent – who directed his question to Cllr Andrew Backhouse as the council’s portfolio holder for highways and transport – said: “It because it ticks all the boxes. I’ve never seen one in the UK so Scarborough would be different. What a coup it’d be if we could get this.”

Cllr Backhouse has already forwarded the idea to members of North Yorkshire County Council and saidit was a “cracking idea”. He added: “It’s getting more use out of the site and we would be creating a brand new attraction.

“It certainly merits a conversation and would be unique in the north east.”

Speaking at this week’s council meeting Cllr Norman Murphy asked whether the operation of the park and ride system was due for a review. He said: “When buses are moving around empty this is a massive waste of our money.”

Cllr Backhouse said he sympathised with people when they saw buses running empty but added that a contract agreement had been signed for a four year period.