Scarborough’s penguins feel the heat on Mussel Beach

Sea Life Centre penguins on their own Mussel Beach
Sea Life Centre penguins on their own Mussel Beach

With temperatures rising across the country, some areas are set to be hotter than California this week, and the residents at Sea Life Scarborough are feeling the heat.

The aquarium’s animal care team decided to bring the beach to the centre’s penguins this week, renaming their home of Penguin Beach, ‘Mussel Beach’.

The famous Muscle Beach was established on the Santa Monica Pier in the 1930s as a part of a beachfront movement of athletes and has since been a famous hangout for the buff and the brawny - and the penguins want in on the action.

Kitted out with exercise mats and dumbbells on their own Mussel Beach, the penguins have been exploring their new equipment and comparing both muscle and mussel sizes in the sun.

Head of Animal Care at Sea Life Scarborough Lyndsey Crawford Darwell said: “Penguins are curious animals so when their new exercise equipment went in they couldn’t wait to get their beaks on them.

“We keep the pools for the penguins at an ideal temperature for them so they don’t get too hot or too cold.

“Mussel Beach also lets guests come toe to flipper with our guests so they can compare muscle sizes!”