Scarborough school spends £500k on supply teachers

Graham School
Graham School

Graham School in Scarborough spent more than £500,000 on supply teachers in the last school year, new figures reveal.

Figures released by the Government show that it spent £556,776 on supply teachers during the course of 2014-15, the highest amount of any school in Yorkshire and Humber.

Headteacher Helen McEvoy said the money was used to help pull the school out of special measures.

She told the BBC: "Yes we have spent on a lot on extra teachers but that reflects the successful journey we've been on coming out of special measures.

"Our use of supply teachers reflects how in the past we've had a lot of vacant posts and that's because it can be hard to attract teachers to come and work in a remote part of the country."

Teaching unions claim the number of supply teachers being employed shows there is a recruitment issue within in the profession.