Scarborough shipwreck stirs some memories

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The wreck of 36-tonne ship Vivid, which was recently revealed during shifting sands on Scarborough’s South Bay, has sparked plenty of interest.

Vivid was originally lost while entering Scarborough Harbour during a storm in November 1888.

Mike Wild, who sent the Scarborough News a photo of the ship’s remains on the beach, said: “Most of the time there’s nothing but golden sands at Scarborough, but on some rare occasions, when the conditions are right, the sands shift and reveal a wreck of a wooden fishing boat.”

Reader Ali Wilkins was surprised to read about the wreck on Scarborough Meritime Heritage Centre’s website, only to find it belonged to her great great great grandfather Henry Wyrill, who was born in 1809 and died in 1885.

He was married to Jane Stanhope and his nephew was the famous Sea Captain John Wyrill.

Henry’s daughter, Elizabeth, was married to James Ellis, who had a big shipping store on Sandside.

Our article also created a stir when posted on our Facebook page, with several readers posting their own photos of the wreck, some of which are published here.

Commenting on the Scarborough News website, Mat Watkinson said: “I remember seeing this many years ago, when I was a young lad. There are others - I believe there’s one in North Bay too.”

Paul Smith added that the wreck had been on view for a few weeks and could be seen from the road.

Scarborough Maritime Heritage Centre’s online article says the South Bay has been no stranger to wrecks down the years, but most will just last days or hours.

Henry Wyrill

Henry Wyrill