Scarborough students triumph in national STEM competiion


Scarborough UTC students have seen great success in two national competitions, with

students set to represent the UK on the international stage.



F1 in Schools is an international STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths)

competition which challenges students to take part in a fun and exciting project – with Formula 1 at the centre of it.

The two Scarborough UTC teams, Avidity and Orbit, sailed through the regional rounds to get through to the national finals.

Both teams worked together to raise sponsorship from local businesses and institutions with the likes of Hull University, Blue Raptor Signs and Unison all pitching in to help.

Joe Lathan.

Joe Lathan.

Managing the budget to fund research, travel and accommodation, students worked together to come up with creative and innovative ways to showcase their ideas.

On the day, pit displays were set up with team Orbit attracting lots of attention with their unique DJ set and light display.

The students then took part in a series of races, using the miniature F1 cars they had designed and developed throughout the projects.

With verbal presentations and enterprise talks, they compiled months of hard work with both teams impressing the judges.

Team Avidity came out on top, winning the Best Engineered Car and the Team Sportsmanship award – they will go on to represent the UK at the world finals later in the year.

Team Avidity said: “It was one of the greatest experiences and we are so pleased with our results.”

The UK Space Design Competition is a science and engineering competition designed as a

simulation of life in industry and enables students to experience the vast potential and opportunities available through future study, or even a career, in STEM.

Students work in teams to solve a request for proposal, completing the task over the course of just one day, they then present their proposal to a specialist team of judges.

After the success of the team, Joe Lathan was voted to represent the EU at the International Space Settlement Competition at the Kennedy Space Centre in Florida

Joe Lathan said: “The first thing we do is select leaders of each department, I was voted the president – we have a few hours to get our ideas together and start designing and then we do a run through of the presentation, because at the end we present to multiple judges.

“The most exciting part was probably just being there.

“I mean, I love London but presenting in front of the NASA judges was really nerve racking but very exciting.”

Joe is now hoping to go to university to study aeronautical engineering and specialise in space craft.

SUTC Principal Lee Kilgour added: “We’re incredibly proud of the F1 in Schools and the UK Space Design teams and they have done extremely well to reach the national finals.

“The competition is just one of the ways in which we encourage our students to ignite their passion for STEM and practice those coveted skills employers are looking for.”