Scarborough takeaway boss faces jail for egg attack on employee

A fiery takeaway boss who threw a pan of scalding water over his put-upon chef has been told he faces a jail sentence after he was found guilty of causing grievous bodily harm.

Djamel Benrejdal, owner of the Eat Mediterranean pizza parlour in Scarborough, blew his top following an argument over a ‘wrongly-cooked’ egg, York Crown Court heard.

A CCTV image of the incident which left Mr Mr Boussera with severe burns

A CCTV image of the incident which left Mr Mr Boussera with severe burns

Benrejdal, 49, flew into a rage after finding a cracked egg inside a pan of boiling water.

He picked up the pan and threw it at chef Chouaib Boussera, who suffered horrific burns to his arm.

As Mr Boussera, 30, screamed in agony, his boss put his coat on and walked out of the kitchen on March 22 last year.

Prosecutor Andrew Espley said part of the boiling egg had splattered on the chef and melted on his arm.

Instead of telling his stricken charge to go straight to hospital, Benrejdal simply bandaged his arm and put yoghurt, onions and honey on the burns – then ordered him to carry on working.

It was not until the following day that Benjedral took Mr Boussera to Scarborough Hospital. Mr Boussera went to the police to make a complaint.

The burly takeaway boss got wind of this and went back to the takeaway on Dean Road, where he is said to have tampered with the CCTV system in an attempt to hide evidence of the attack.

Benrejdal, from Scalby, was arrested and charged with causing GBH with intent and an alternative charge of inflicting GBH. He denied the allegations, claiming it was an accident.

On the day in question, the chef was preparing a large order while Benrejdal was out doing deliveries.

Benrejdal, who was supposed to be picking up the food for delivery, told Mr Boussera “to boil an egg”.

“The pan was boiling when Mr Benrejdal got back,” said barrister Mr Espley.

“He started to complain aggressively that the egg shell had cracked and the egg white had come out of it.”

As tempers reached boiling point, Benrejdal picked up the pan and then “threw the pan and the water straight at (the victim)”.

Despite this, he carried on working into the early hours with a bandage around his arm and bare-chested after removing his splattered clothes.

The jury found Benrejdal guilty of inflicting GBH without intent, but could not reach a majority verdict on the second count of GBH with intent.

Judge Andrew Stubbs QC adjourned sentence until June 9.