Scarborough Tandoori: Home style dishes curry favour at Tandoori

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It had been quite some time since I had sampled any Indian cuisine and so, to the delight of my better half, I decided to pay Scarborough Tandoori a visit.

Located in St Thomas Street, it has a reputation for being one of the better Indian eateries in town and having heard several glowing endorsements from friends I thought it was time to see what all the fuss is about.

Let’s get the details out of the way first.

The restaurant itself is modern, clean and tastefully decorated and the staff polite and attentive.

The atmosphere is relaxed and at no point did I expect 20 lads singing football songs with their tops off to gatecrash proceedings, a potential hazard when visiting certain curry houses of a weekend.

For me, when I am dining out, what really matters is the quality of the food that I am putting in my mouth.

While everything else about Scarborough Tandoori is more than adequate, its food is quite rightly the star attraction.

We perused the exensive yet accessible menu while making inroads into the traditional pre-starter of poppadoms and pickles and our attention was soon captured by the desi haandi cuisine on offer.

My good lady opted for an onion bhaji (£3.50) to start, which she described as crisp and flavoursome, while I chose a tandoori mixed kebab (£3.95).

My dish comprised chunks of lamb tikka, chicken tikka and a sheekh kebab.

The meat was complimented nicely by the side of mint yoghurt and overall it made for a tasty starter.

The highlight of this meal, however, was undoubtedly the main course.

As mentioned above, both my partner and I were struck by the desi haandi menu – a collection of authentic home style Indian dishes.

The word desi describes Asian-style cooking, while haandi is the name of a traditional cooking pot used in Indian homes.

I decided upon a lamb haandi bhuna (£8.20) while my other half went for a chicken haandi saag wala (£8.50) accompanied by rice, chips and naan breads.

In my opinion, there are plenty of ways you can go wrong with a curry. A tasty sauce can be let down by poor quality or badly cooked meat.

There were no such shortcomings evident here. The meat in both mains was tender and succulent and the sauce rich and spicy without being so hot that you felt like your mouth was on fire.

My lamb haandi bhuna was the nicest curry I’ve had in quite a while.

Our shared dessert consisted of a trufito pudding which was chocolate, ice cream and more chocolate and at just £3.30 was well worth sampling.

With the bill totalling just under £45 including drinks we had eaten plenty without breaking the bank.

I feel that we are quite fortunate here in Scarborough that in the same way there are a host of decent fish and chip shops and plenty of pubs that can rustle up a nice bite to eat, there are also a number of Indian restaurants where you can enjoy a reasonable meal.

The niche in the market is finding somewhere that serves you food that you can get excited about, and for me Scarborough Tandoori, and in particular its haandi menu, does just that.


Food 8

Menu choice 8

Service 8

Decor 7

Ambience 7