Scarborough woman's warning after botched plastic surgery

Sandra Wilson
Sandra Wilson

A Scarborough woman is warning others after a botched breast op and liposuction left her scarred and devastated.

Tempted by cheap prices, 44-year-old Sandra Wilson flew out to Marmaris in Turkey for liposuction and a breast reduction.

She first became aware of the plastic surgeon while on holiday in the resort last summer. She was told about fat-fillers to make her face appear younger and booked to have it done during the holiday.

While under local anaesthetic she was asked if she also wanted liposuction on her arms which she says she didn’t agree to but paid for afterwards.

“I didn’t think it was a big thing,” said Sandra. “I thought he was doing something nice for me and trying to help. I was so negative about my body that when someone offered to do something to make me like it I was excited.”

She flew back out to Turkey in December for liposuction which had appeared to go smoothly.

But now months later, Sandra is struggling as she loses sensation in her legs and her left leg kicks out from beneath her – causing her to stumble and fall.

She now fears she could be suffering from nerve damage and is scheduled to have an MRI scan later in the month.

Tempted by cheaper prices, the liposuction cost her around £1,200 and the breast reduction cost just £1,600 – while the procedure in the UK can cost thousands more.

Suffering from back pain and sciatica, Sandra wanted a reduction to reduce the weight of her breasts.

Before the effects of the liposuction began to show, Sandra returned to Marmaris in January for a breast reduction. After the surgery she returned to UK and she was plagued with infection and the stitching appeared to open.

“If I could go back I would have saved the money and had it done here,” says the mum-of-two. She has now lost all feeling and sensation in parts of her breasts.

“I’ve been put on medication, it’s affected my mental health and I keep getting shooting pains,” said Sandra.

“I’ve lost the feeling in my breasts. I’ve asked doctors over here if they think it might come back but it would take years if it returned at all. I keep getting a shooting pain because the nerve can’t connect in my breasts.”

“When you can’t afford to pay £6,000 people gamble their lives. I gambled twice and it’s made things worse.

“He said it would take a few months to see the results. Had I had the boob job first I would never have gone back but I hadn’t seen any of the affects from the liposuction then. It’s wrecked my life.”

Sandra admits she didn’t receive a consultation before either procedures and the aftercare following her breast operation was ‘appalling’. She claims she had to tell her surgeon to give her a check up before she flew back to the UK.

Following the procedure, Sandra has been in touch with a number of other women who have suffered similar horrific experiences with the same surgeon. And she even flew back to Turkey to confront the surgery.

Sandra says she now has to live with these consequences but wants to warn others against taking the “shortcut” plastic surgery route.

“Anyone who is thinking about going abroad because the prices are cheaper make sure you do it the right way. No matter where you are going, not just in Turkey, do your research. Make sure you find a verified site and speak to people who have had surgery done there. Have a consultation first, that’s something I never had, and make sure they provide good aftercare.

“Even if you find somewhere in the UK ensure that it’s safe and they know what they’re doing.

“What’s happened has left me very depressed and I’m looking into counselling.

“It’s worse than it was before, it’s not worth it at all. It’s happening to so many people in the UK and I don’t want anyone else to go through what I have been through.”