School denies it's stopping children from going to the toilet

Scalby School
Scalby School

A Scarborough school has hit back at reports it has banned children from going to the toilet.

Reports surfaced on social media overnight that students at Scalby School now needed a "medical pass" to be allowed to go to the loo during lessons.

A number of parents vented their fury on Facebook, with some claiming they would be telling their children to disobey their teachers.

The school, however, told The Scarborough News that the claims were "ridiculous" and said it was still up to teachers to decide if a child could leave the lesson.

David Read, headteacher at Scalby School said: "Students can access toilets during lesson time by asking their teacher, who will then issue them with a temporary pass so that any staff who see them out of lesson will know they have permission to be on the corridor.

"However, as in any school, some students will try to abuse this and seek to leave lessons to avoid work.

"Teachers, therefore, use their professional judgement in deciding whether a student is making a genuine request or not.

"If students have a medical condition which means they need immediate, automatic access to a toilet, they will be issued with a permanent pass so that staff know they can leave the lesson wherever they need to.

"However, such passes are only issued when the school have proof there is a medical need.

"This ensures students who genuinely need a pass receive one and the protocol is not manipulated."