Sea Life centre has busy year

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Scarborough Sea Life Sanctuary is having one of its busiest seal-rescue summers since re-launching its rescue facilities in 2011.

Staff are currently nursing two sickly seal pups in the seal hospital and have two more in the outdoor rehabilitation pool.

These four represent a tiny fraction of the 124 seals the centre has rescued and returned to the wild since 2011.

“Over the last three months alone, we have rescued more than a dozen common seal pups, with problems ranging from infections to malnutrition,” said Displays Curator Lyndsey Crawford.

“As part of their recovery programme the two pups in our rehabilitation pool but will soon be introduced to the main seal pool to learn social skills and survival techniques from our residents,” she added.

These and other aspects of the animal care team’s work are revealed to Sanctuary visitors in special talks and behind-the-scenes demonstrations.

“We offer members of the public a chance to gain real insight in to the work we do by explaining the five R’s of seal rescue,” said Lyndsey, “rescue, rehabilitation, recovery, release and retirement.”

Each year the centre names the rescued seals after different topics and this year has seen some famous book characters emerge.

Little Mermaid, Maid Marrion and Harry Potter are just a few of the famous names to grace the seal hospital.

The final four casualties of a busy summer will be returned to the wild once they are fit and strong enough, and have attained a weight of at least 35 kilograms