Seafront: Fine these gull encouragers

Why are people still banging on about the gulls when the problem lies with the public?

The “dive bombing” herring gulls do so because they are encouraged by the public who feed them. Why is it not an offence to throw fish and chips on the floor for the gulls on the sea front? If I threw half a Big Mac on the ground in the town centre I would expect to be prosecuted.

Yes, the kittywakes that nest on the business frontages on the foreshore and the bottom of Eastborough are noisy, messy and smelly, so why don’t the complainants spend some money on measures to prevent this happening (as the Grand Hotel and the council buildings have).

If the town’s folk were as passionate about the mess people make I could understand it. Take a walk up Esplanade backs on a Sunday morning and see the upturned bin bags of rubbish and dog mess all over the place. Now that is a problem.

Steve Brown