Seals need your old towels!

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The animal care team at Scarborough Sea Life Centre have made a plea for donations of old towels.

Working with rescued seal pups is a messy business, they say, and requires a large stock of old towels.

“We need towels to throw over the pups’ heads to subdue them when they’re receiving treatment,” explained seal expert Lyndsey Crawford.

“They’re also invaluable for mopping up afterwards and quickly get sodden with dirty fishy-smelling and often bloody sea water.”

Consequently the sanctuary gets through more towels than the average holiday hotel and is currently down to its last small bundle.

Scarborough residents threw in their old towels by the bag full to help the seal team a year ago, and now the sanctuary is once more appealing to their generosity.

“If anyone’s got any old towels they were planning to throw out, we’d be very grateful if they could drop them off here instead,” said Lyndsey.

“It doesn’t matter if they’re a bit threadbare or even a bit grubby, because if they’re not they soon will be.”

The centre has recently taken in three abandoned and sickly seal pups and is expecting a fresh influx after the coming bout of dirty weather.