Security moves for annual horse fair event

Seamer Horse Fair ..trotting  through the site 102856e
Seamer Horse Fair ..trotting through the site 102856e

Seamer’s annual horse fair returns next month - and 
residents have been assured police are on red alert to thwart any potential unrest.

Scarborough Council has revealed the fair will take place on Sunday, July 15, with travellers again stopping on a site off the B1261 between Seamer and Crossgates.

And bosses have announced CCTV will be used for the first time this year to facilitate the combating of potential disturbances.

A council spokeswoman said security and safety was paramount for the fair, which has courted criticism in previous years from angry local residents, upset over travellers using different sites to park their vehicles.

She said: “The council is again employing site managers who will be on site 24 hours a day for the entire time the site is open.

“They will collect site fees from travellers, ensure the site is managed safely, ensure site rules are adhered to and that disturbance to local residents is kept to a minimum.

“A new introduction for this year is CCTV which will assist in the monitoring of the site on a round the clock basis.

“Residents should also be reassured North Yorkshire Police have reviewed issues residents raised last year and have adapted the patrol strategy accordingly.”

The council has also revealed travellers will receive basic services during their stay in Scarborough.

The spokeswoman added: “Facilities will be provided for the travellers including the provision of a water supply via standpipes and a horse trough in the adjacent Dell.

“There will also be portable toilets and a daily refuse collection service.

“Travellers will be charged a fee for staying on the site, which will be proportionate to the number of nights they stay.

The horse fair site will be open to travellers from 7.30am on Monday, July 9 until 6pm on Sunday, July 15.

For more information contact police on 101 or Scarborough Council on (01723) 232323.