Seeing red on greens

A SCARBOROUGH man has called for action over the “posh vandals” he feels are ruining a leafy suburb.

Mat Watkinson, who lives on Stepney Road, has criticised drivers on neighbouring Stepney Drive for parking their vehicles on strips of grass owned and maintained by Scarborough Councils Parks and Countryside Services.

And an enraged Mr Watkinson has slated the drivers for “taking liberties with council tax payers money”.

“They have too many vehicles to fit on their own drives,’ he said about the offenders.

“Every day sees a large number of cars parked on the wide strips of grass owned and maintained by Parks and Countryside Services, using our money.

“Smart money says they do it so they don’t have to manoeuvre their cars on their spacious drives and forecourts belonging to the houses they pay a hefty chunk of council tax for themselves.”

Mr Watkinson believes that the “thoughtless” residents are draining the towns resources by forcing the council to constantly trim and maintain the grass.

He also feels that the council is powerless in dealing with the issue, as all they can do is send out letters to offenders, again at an expense of the taxpayer.

Scarborough Borough councillor Andrew Backhouse has stated that Scarborough Council have been aware of the issue and that he fully supports Mr Watkinson.

He said: “At the end of the day if people have the capacity for off street parking then use it.

“When they choose to park on the grass area, the council have to clean it up.

“The whole thing is an unnecessary expense for the council. The money could be better spent elsewhere.”