Shedding light on police boxes

I may be able to help your correspondent John Goodrick in his search for the former police boxes.

There was a total of 12 boxes plus two telephone points. The boxes were numbered as:

1 Sandside

2 Gala Land

3 St Martin’s Square

4 Esplanade/Esplanade Gardens

5 Filey Road (near bowling greens)

6 Seamer Road/Queen Margaret’s Road

7 Falsgrave

8 Stepney Road/Sandybed Lane

9 Scalby Road/Woodlands Ravine

10 Dean Road/Manor Road

11 Columbus Ravine/junction Victoria Park

12 Northway

The two telephone points were:

13 Subway (below what was the Odeon roundabout) blue light above subway entrance.

14 St Nicholas Street (access via archway at side of Barclay’s Bank) blue light suspended over intersection with Newborough and St Thomas Street.

If Mr Goodrick requires further information on these now historic reminders of a bygone age, I will be happy to assist.

BM Coleman

Greenstead Road