Shockingly thin dog found dodging traffic on the A64

The dog that was found on the A64
The dog that was found on the A64

The RSPCA is investigating after an emaciated dog was found after he ran in front of a van on the A64.

The Labrador-cross darted out in front of a van driving along the A64, near Foston, on Tuesday.

The driver managed to stop and catch the dog before taking her to the local RSPCA branch in York.

The medium-sized, adult dog was in a poor condition so RSPCA inspector Alice Cooper was tasked with looking into how she came to be in such a state.

She explained: “She isn’t microchipped and had no identification tag or collar on.

“She was running along a busy road but wasn’t near any houses so I fear she may have been thrown out of a vehicle onto the road and left to risk her life dodging traffic.

“I’d like to say a big thank you to the man who stopped and managed to catch her before bringing her to us. He undoubtedly saved her life.”

She is very skinny, has extensive fur loss and both ears are swollen.

“She is very friendly and understands basic commands such as ‘sit’ and ‘paw’,” Inspector Cooper added.

“I suspect she was owned and has been neglected before being abandoned in a very dangerous location.

“While we can’t be sure what has happened to her, we’re confident she has, at some point, been a pet so we’re keen to hear from anyone who might recognise her or know where she might have come from.

“Anyone with information that may help our investigation can leave me a message by calling 0300 1234 8018.”