Shop use for social club?

Mere Social Club'082966a
Mere Social Club'082966a

DEVELOPERS behind a scheme to redevelop the Mere Social Club in Seamer Road have asked to vary one of the original planning conditions so that it can be used for retail.

Members of Scarborough Council’s planning Ccommittee are due to consider the application at the Town Hall from 1pm on Thursday.

In a report by Jill Low, the council’s planning manager, she recommended that permission should be granted subject to one condition – that the new business should not sell food and drink so as not to affect the viability of town centre businesses.

She said: “It is considered that the removal of restrictions on the retailing of goods from this site, apart from food and drink, is acceptable on balance taking into account the limited impact on the vitality and viability of the town centre, and also in terms of improving the retail offer at Seamer Road.

“Relaxing the restrictions on the goods that can be sold should enable the necessary funding to be secured for the site’s development, which should then make the site more attractive to an end user.

“The development of the site would enhance the site and the retail park on this important approach into Scarborough. The development is considered to complement the recent investment in the Seamer Road Retail Park, including new mezzanine floors, and can be viewed as a rounding off of the retail development.

“The enhanced retail offer is viewed as beneficial in terms of reducing trips out of Scarborough to larger centres, and also in making the town more attractive as a destination for combined shopping and leisure trips.”

The site covers an area of 0.57 acres and is previously developed brownfield land. It is bounded by Seamer Road (A64) to the west, Queen Margaret’s Road to the north, a railway line to the east and businessses to the south.