Shops need better access for those on foot

MANY shops in streets outside the precinct, including the Market Hall are not as busy as they could be.

They are losing out to supermarkets, not because of quality or even on prices, but because of access.

Walking or cycling around Scarborough was always a pleasure, but now it is becoming an ordeal. These last few years have seen cars develop huge increases not just in acceleration but in cornering speed.

Many people, after one of two near misses, just give up and look for a lift to the supermarket. All that is required is a big extension of crossing islands, like those on Northway. The new island at Castle Road is welcome, but no where near enough.

Queuing for green-man crossings and being herded across like sheep is not good enough. People on foot are being treated like second class citizens, and cycling is becoming near suicidal. Some existing islands are just plain wrong, and should be studied for re-siting.

Improved access would also give people more chance to get to the precinct itself. Some of those shops would certainly benefit as well.

A Simmonds

Columbus Ravine