Simon’s put on standby for Japan

Simon Drayton
Simon Drayton
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A SCARBOROUGH rescue volunteer is on standby for deployment to Japan to help with the aid mission in the disaster hit country.

At least 10,000 people are believed to have died following the earthquake and subsequent tsunami which stuck the north east coast of Japan on Friday.

Local and international rescue teams are now searching through the ruins of the destroyed cities in a bid to rescue survivors.

Sixty British firefighters have been deployed and rescue organisations have offered their support for the mission.

Scarborough Coastguard’s section manager Simon Drayton is a member of the International Rescue Corps, which has made a formal offer of help to the Japanese Embassy in London to provide a search and rescue team or a needs-assesment team.

Mr Drayton, 40, has been called to help with the aftermath of numerous disasters including the earthquake in India in 2000, and other earthquakes, floods and mudslides in Pakistan, Turkey, Mozambique and Nicaragua.

He said: “There is no deployment from us at the moment, mainly because of the logistical problems over there.

“When you get an incident of this scale it is a logistical nightmare to try and get from A to B and start helping people. They won’t want hundreds and hundreds of rescue teams arriving and no transport to get them to where they need to be.

“We have made an offer of assistance and remain on stand by, and if the Japanese authorities say they need extra teams we may go.”