Simon Smith: Opening up with a fine weekend

Simon Smith has his say
Simon Smith has his say

Last weekend, from Friday onwards, was an exceptional one for the club.

I thought Friday night really set the tone, with the old boys meeting up and Barry Beanland bringing ex-players in from all over to receive their ties.

We played exceptional rugby for 55 minutes against Keighley on Saturday, which I was pleased with, and there were also some excellent results for the Vikings, annihilating Keighley 2nds 56-7, and the Danesmen, who beat York 3rds for the first time in a number of years.

At 17-0 at half-time, the next score in our game against Keighley was always going to be hugely important.

They came at us after the break, but Jimmy Perrett burned through to score an excellent try and we moved further clear.

We were guilty of taking our foot off the gas in the final stages, things became scrappy and we conceded a number of penalties, which was something we hadn’t done in the first half, which gave them a sniff.

In the end I think their 21 points flattered them, but they will be a difficult team to beat this season, so recording a victory against them is a big plus for us.

We knew it would be a real battle up front, and it was one we won.

The forwards set the platform and gave the space for the talented backs to do what we know they can.

I just want to mention the referee who came down from the north east and did an excellent job.

There were a number of happy people on Saturday night, but we have to remember that this is just one game.

Wheatley Hills at the weekend will provide us with another challenge.

They beat North Ribblesdale on Saturday, but at the same time, they’ll be looking at our result.

I’m really pleased with what we’ve done so far, blending together the experienced and younger players.

We have more players coming back into the squad, while, after their win, the second team lads will have their hands in the air telling me to pick them.

It is much easier keeping players happy when you’re winning and it was great that we got the result.

There will be times this season when things don’t go so well, it is then that we’ll have to dig deep as a team and a club.

How we deal with those situations will be a mark of how far we’ve come.