‘Singer’ all sewn up

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THEY had a hard act to follow after last year’s triumphant production of Les Miserables, but Scalby School’s talented youngsters have done it again!

Their production of The Wedding Singer – a love story set in the 1980s – had the audience tapping their toes and laughing out loud from start to finish.

The show had an all-American high school feel, with the actors immersing themselves into the era of 1980s USA, which included some convincing American accents throughout.

Packed with song and dance numbers from beginning to end, the students sang their hearts out and created a vibrant, fun-filled atmosphere.

As in previous years, the principal actors were all very impressive. The male lead, James Cunningham, gave a warm and likeable performance as wedding singer Robbie, who falls for loveable waitress Julia, played by Olivia Brown.

Both of the youngsters also had principal roles in Les Miserables and have done themselves proud yet again.

Band members Sammy (Callum Marshall) and George (Sam Lenton) had the audience grinning from ear to ear, with some particularly funny episodes featuring George, who stole the show at times.

Gracie Gledhill also gave a fantastic and very engaging performance as Holly, Julia’s cousin, with very strong vocals and great dancing.

Other principals were also excellent, including Charlotte Brooke (Linda), Ben Robson (Glen) and Megan Woodward-Hay (Grandma Rosie).

The chorus and dancers created a lively, colourful atmosphere, not just with their performances, but with their 80s outfits and make-up.

The show, supported by sponsor Life’s Energy and the Stephen Joseph Theatre, was a real treat.