Singing for the Queen’s Jubilee

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A WOMAN who has shared 60 years of similarities with the Queen has been joined by her family to host a Jubilee fundraiser.

Shelagh Chamberlain, of Fulford Road, organised a 60 Glorious Years event in a bid to raise funds for St Andrew’s Church.

The event, which was held at the church, featured a sing-a-long with the young-at-heart Senior Moments singers and a presentation titled The Language of Flowers by Kate Corrigan of Louise Florist.

Mrs Chamberlain, who is an ardent Royalist, said: “It went very well, the whole event was excellent.

“I had a great time and everyone was singing their heads off.

“It was a very happy afternoon and everyone really enjoyed it.

“I was really pleased with the turn out, it was nice to see so many people there. We even had extra visitors turn up on the day who didn’t have tickets. Luckily we were able to accommodate everyone who came.”

The event saw £300 raised for the church in South Cliff.

Mrs Chamberlain, who was helped in organising the event by her children and grandchildren, wanted to mark the 60 Glorious Years in recognition of the parallels she has shared with the Queen during her time on the throne.

She said: “Being the same age as the Queen and serving in the Auxiliary Territorial Service at the same time, marrying a Naval man in the same year and embarking on our 60 glorious years in Scarborough the same year as the Queen ascended the throne seemed good reasons for celebrations!”

Mrs Chamberlain got to meet the Queen in 1997 when she and husband Austen were among 8,000 people invited to the Golden Wedding Garden Party at Buckingham Palace.

The couple celebrated their 65th wedding anniversary on Burn’s Day – the 25th of last month – and are looking forward to seeing the Queen and Prince Phillip celebrate theirs in November.