Sir Jim’s big charity heart

Sir Jimmy Savile
Sir Jimmy Savile
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SIR Jimmy Savile’s legacy will be boosted by millions of pounds for charity.

It was revealed yesterday that £3.6 million was left in The Jimmy Savile Charitable Trust while a further £1.6 million was in the Jimmy Savile Stoke Mandeville Hospital Trust when he passed away.

P1 The Sun Thursday 15th Dec 2011, reporting Savile 'love child'. copypic AH  submitted pic    in News

P1 The Sun Thursday 15th Dec 2011, reporting Savile 'love child'. copypic AH submitted pic in News

Sir Jim, who was buried in Woodlands Cemetery, Scarborough, last month, is estimated to have raised £45 million for charity in his lifetime.

Details of Sir Jim’s personal wealth have also been revealed. His assets, including his Scarborough flat in Esplanade, and property in Glencoe and Leeds, are estimated to be worth a further £2.5 million.

A friend of Sir Jim’s, Stephen Purdew, told The Sun that the star had “many millions salted away.”

He added: “It will go to the good causes he supported. Jimmy won’t be giving his money to family or friends.

“It’s not him being mean. It’s just the way he was.”

The executors of Sir Jim’s will are collating his assets and possessions. It is believed that some of his nostalgic items such as his famous tracksuits could be auctioned off for charity. A nephew of Sir Jim’s, Guy Marsden, also said he was expecting everything to go to charity.

He said: “Our family rule was you get what you worked for.

“When we were growing up it was very clear you didn’t ask Uncle Jimmy for anything, especially money.”

The news about Sir Jim’s fortune emerged on the same day that 40-year-old Staffordshire woman Georgina Ray claimed in the tabloid press that she wanted a DNA test to prove she was Sir Jim’s biological daughter.

The Sun reported that Sir Jim met Ms Ray’s mother at a cafe and began a two-week fling in 1970.

It was claimed that Ms Ray tried to get in touch with Sir Jim in the years before his death but that he rebuffed her efforts.