So-called fair is an insult to Bavarians!

Having read the comments regarding the Scarborough ‘Bavarian Fair’, I have a few comments of my own that I’d like to raise.

Residing only four miles outside of Scarborough I very seldom shop in the town preferring York and Beverley, however, having visited York’s German Fair on a number of occasions I was interested to check out the Scarborough version as I thoroughly enjoyed York. I shouldn’t have bothered. I think that the council should be prosecuted under the trade descriptions act. It is NOT Bavarian, as this is an insult to the Bavarians, it is not a fair as it’s too small and in any case what has a Chinese noodle bar got to do with it? I was appalled at this travesty and I can understand that local traders are up in arms. These stalls are little more than a handful of market snack stalls charging high prices for inferior food stuffs. I also wonder if they have been inspected by Environmental Services as they don’t display any health ratings. How dare the council say that they cannot have an official Christmas lighting ceremony due to health and safety issues when they have allowed this motley collection of stalls to set up in the town centre with little regard to pedestrians.

This fiasco leads me to believe that the time has now come for a complete reorganisation of local government. Can anyone tell me what the point of Scarborough Council is with most services now provided under contract by the county council? We could not only remove one whole layer of officialdom, save ourselves some money and have a single democratically elevated representative. I think that the council has outlived its usefulness.

Chris Tinker

Mill Lane

Cayton Bay