So grateful to health staff

I wish to pay tribute to the marvellous Health Service we are so fortunate to have in Scarborough.

From my own GP Dr Hussain at Falsgrave Surgery to Dr John Paterson, consultant physician at Scarborough Hospital, the service and treatment I received (September 25) proved to be excellent with a capital ‘E’. Even the Duke of Edinburgh could not have wished for better!

Having had a mini-stroke scare, I made an urgent appointment with my GP who, following a swift but thorough examination, decided I was a priority case (blood pressure sky-high) and immediately made arrangements for me to be taken to hospital by taxi whilst ensuring my wife was able to make her own way back home by car.

Dr Hussein telephoned ahead to the Stroke Unit alerting them to my condition and personally brought me an aspirin and tumbler of water as a precautionary measure.

Within minutes of arrival at A&E, I was greeted by specialist nurse Tracy from the Stroke Unit who outlined my treatment in detail. Her reassurances and friendly manner significantly eased my concerns.

I felt I was being treated like royalty as everything happened so quickly with very little time waiting anxiously for the next round of treatment. Nothing was too much trouble for all the staff I came into contact with.

Amazingly, in less than four hours from the original GP appointment to leaving hospital (during which time I was given blood tests, an ECG, temperature and blood pressure checked plus an MRI) my worries were over as the final result of the head scan was clear.

Being a Christian I’d spent 20 minutes ‘entombed’ in the noisy scanning machine saying my prayers which were clearly answered.

As I waited in the queue for a bus back to town, we were joined by two ladies moaning about the wet, windy me, having gone in fearing the worst and now so grateful to be alive and healthy, the sun was shining in my eyes.

Roy Briggs