So many good points about the hospital

Recently I became, for a week, an ‘in patient’ at Scarborough Hospital, in Cherry Ward, and my husband, likewise eight weeks ago.

Whilst chatting to one of the nurses, about various hospitals, she said that you always hear about the bad points and never the good. So, here I am to redress that situation.

From consultants to all ward doctors, surgeons, nursing staff and domestics I found nothing but true dedication to all patients, young and old. This also includes paramedics, porters and clerical staff.

The wards themselves are bright, clean and sweet smelling and kept that way by sheer hard work.

There is a tranquil ‘church’ and quiet room available to patients.

There is a lovely, well stocked cafeteria, run by WRVS.

The food on the wards was nourishing, well presented and checked to see it had been eaten.

A shuttle bus service runs regularly between Bridlington and Scarborough.

I was moved to SAU Ward and found such caring nurses, eg helping elderly patients to open difficult food packaging.

On one of the wards a patient asked another whether she wanted to go home to which the reply came, “No, I am staying here to be pampered. I would only be going home to a ‘tip’!”

My last thoughts are that this hospital should have a sign at the entrance “Enter here, all who wish to be treated and pampered!”

I thoroughly enjoyed my week’s stay so thank you, Scarborough Hospital.

Mrs Jo Poulter

Gordon Road