So what is good public art?

RE sculptures (October 11):

Kane Cunningham describes Ray Lonsdale’s sculptures, “put simply are clumsy and lack aesthetic judgement and appeal. I have not met one artist or person in Scarborough who believes these are great works. We may become the town everyone visits to laugh at and to cite as an example of artistic ignorance manifest in lumpy blocks of steel”.

May I remind Mr Cunningham of a previous letter published?

In his letter, he said “the sculpture of Freddie was perceived to have more of the qualities we think a public sculpture should have. These include the qualities of skill, technical ability and perhaps innate talent. I have always thought that the Bathing Belle by Craig Knowles lacks many of these qualities and should in fact be melted down, turned into a cannon ball and fired at the Diving Belle down by the harbour from a visiting naval vessel. Now the fuse has been lit, we can make these sculptures part of next year’s celebrations on Bonfire Night!”

Perhaps Kane Cunningham would like to explain how he would define good public art, and where we may view it please?

Maureen and Michael Robinson

Malvern Crescent