Solid fare on the menu at family village pub

Rosette food.Mains.Picture Richard Ponter 133502a
Rosette food.Mains.Picture Richard Ponter 133502a

The Bank Holiday weekend saw the Bloomfield clan hit the road to keep the children entertained, but it we chose to dine at a familiar setting almost on our doorstep.

The Rosette pub on Hackness Road has had a few changes of owners over the past decade or so, but every time we drive past, whether on a lunchtime in the afternoon or of an evening it always seems to be full in the car park and in the play area/beer garden around the back, which often appears to be the main selling point of the pub.

It is clear upon entering the establishment that the market they are aiming for is families, young and old, but predominantly the former.

I scanned the immense menu, which offers various steaks, grills as well as the usual ‘pub grub’ style meals such as chilli con carne, fish and chips and steak pie.

My choice was the Gammon-tastic platter, which included 14oz of gammon, two pineapple slices and two fried eggs, served with onion rings, fries and peas. This was priced at £8.49.

My dining partner decided upon the Chicken Tikka Masala with pilau rice and naan bread, priced at £6.19.

Upon ordering the food, the waitress informed me that there would be around an hour wait.

I know that some may find that too long a wait, but on a sunny Sunday sat outside while being run ragged by your children it is amazing how quickly time flies. I also appreciate the honesty of such an approach, whereas some dining venues will leave you in the dark while waiting for more than an hour.

The decor of the pub could do with an overhaul, it looks like several years since it had its last revamp and the time has come for a tidy-up.

Also the ambience of the pub is good for people bringing their young children along, but possibly the older diners arriving without youngsters may not be too enamoured with the whipper-snappers racing around the pub and the beer garden.

My food arrived after around 50 minutes.

The gammon was tender and the accompaniments were all piping hot, apart from the grilled tomato which was a bit on the cold side. One of my daughters also tried a slice of the gammon and it received the thumbs-up from her.

The Chicken Tikka was decent, the tender pieces of chicken coated in a rich sauce, with a good serving of pilau rice.

Both main courses were fair, solid dishes, the kind of one would associate with a pub aiming at the family market.

As a treat I also ordered the Ultimate Mega Choc-aberry Sundae for the four of us to share, which cost £4.99, but was a bargain when you saw the size of the dish!

Four of us, all chocoholics, tucked in with a spoon apiece but even then we could not polish off the gargantuan dessert, which comprised of warm chocolate fudge cake, raspberries in sauce, vanilla flavoured ice cream, Dairy Milk pieces, served with Belgian chocolate sauce and squirty cream topped with crushed honeycomb pieces and a Curly Wurly on the top.

With a couple of very reasonably priced children’s meals (£1 each) and drinks the bill only came to just over £30 so The Rosette pub can definitely be classed in the cheap and cheerful bracket.

Overall ratings

Food 7

Menu choice 6

Service 7

Decor 5

Ambience 6