Solution could provide solace for dog owner

What a heart wrenching story about Mr Hogarth being persuaded to rehome his dearly loved dog Barney.

Having adopted a dog from a rescue kennel nine years ago, I also know how quickly you bond with that dog.

A wonderful solution would give Mr Hogarth some solace, if the new owners can’t bear to part with the beautiful Barney, would be if Mr Hogarth could see his best friend, and see for himself that Barney is happy and settled. Who knows, it could be the start of a wonderful friendship with the new owners.

To anyone, young or old, their pet will help them through hard times or illness, sometimes they are the very reason for a person to ‘keep going’.

I meet many elderly people who are adamant their dogs are their lives, making them face each day, getting outside for exercise and meeting people, instead of being stuck inside four walls, with just the TV for company.

I would beg anyone never to talk a sick person into parting with a beloved pet.

I think many readers would love to hear if Mr Hogarth has any success in tracing his dearly loved friend. M heart goes out to this poor man.

Margaret Robinson

Moor Lane