Spalls’ Scarborough visit to be broadcast

THE recording of actor and sailor Timothy Spall’s visit to Scarborough last summer will be broadcast next week.

Mr Spall and his wife Shane moored their £200,000 seagoing Dutch barge in the harbour for a week in July while recording an episode of Timothy Spall - Back at Sea.

The series shows the couple’s epic voyage around the coast of Britain.

The Scarborough part of Back at Sea is on BBC4 on Tuesday, at 8.30pm.

It starts with engine trouble in Whitby before they arrive in Scarborough then continue to Spurn Point and Wells-Next-the-Sea in Norfolk.

Mrs Spall’s book, The Voyages of the Princess Matilda, is published this week. It documents the journey and includes extracts from her diaries of when her husband nearly died of cancer 16 years ago.

Mr Spall, who was 55 on Monday, had already visited Scarborough, which doubled for Brighton for the filming of The Damned United in 2008, with Michael Sheen.