Special smoke alarms especially for the deaf

SCARBOROUGH firefighters are encouraging those who suffer from hearing loss to make sure they have effective smoke alarms fitted.

The initiative coincides with this year’s Deaf Awareness Week, which continues until Sunday, and it is estimated that one million adults in the UK are unable to hear an ordinary smoke alarm because of hearing difficulties or removal of their hearing aid at night.

Community Safety Crew manager, Rose Fearnley, says, “It is vital that people who are deaf or hard of hearing ensure they have the right smoke alarm technology in their home to protect them – and that they test them weekly, to make sure they work.

“Many people with hearing loss could be at serious risk if they don’t have the right alarm in place. A specialist alarm system provides valuable time to escape from a house blaze. Without it, lives could be lost.”

She added that residents should be aware range of alarms have been designed specifically for the hard of hearing, with features ranging from strobe lighting and vibrating alarms to small wearable radio linked pagers.