Spook-tacular fun for Halloween


Autumn is well and truly upon us, and at Flamingo Land that means one thing – Halloween is fast approaching! To make sure you get the most from the last days of the 2013 season, we’re putting on a spook-tacular nine-day celebration of Halloween from October 26 to November 3. Find our fiendish Spook Zone, with bewitching live performances that you can get involved with. Then make your way to Mischief Mansion, where you can bob for apples with Flamingo Land’s very own Witch & Wizard, none other than the mischievous meerkats Mia & Mylo!

Of course, the fun doesn’t stop there. Visit the Education Centre to take a trip around our spooky zoo trail or try your hand at pumpkin carving. Don’t worry – any pumpkins left over won’t be going to waste!

Though the weather may be miserable and the days may be short, we’re still looking for ways to keep our animals mentally and physically active – a technique known as enrichment. Enrichment can be provided in many different ways, such as the design of the exhibit itself, or a puzzle that the animal must solve to get a food reward. We’ll be giving our Halloween leftovers to a range of animals, including our big cats and lemurs. They don’t come across pumpkins very often so will spend a lot of time investigating, even “carving” them themselves to see what’s inside! Don’t forget to take a walk around the zoo to see what all the different animals do with them. We’ll also be running animal handling sessions at 2.30 every day, where you can get the chance to meet our scaly snakes, slimy snails and bloodcurdling bearded dragon (don’t worry, she’s very friendly!). If that’s not enough, you’ll also have the chance to learn loads of spooky animal facts. Do you know what the slimiest animal in the world is? Or which animal sounds most like a ghost? If not, come along and find out!

We’re offering one free Single Day Ticket with one full paying Adult Day Ticket – as long as at least one of you is dressed in full Halloween fancy dress (see http://www.flamingoland.co.uk for details). On top of that, each day we’ll be holding a competition for the best costume, giving you the chance to win a short break at Flamingo Land Resort for up to six people.