Sporting link with Scarborough

RE What makes a Scarborian?

In response to your invitation to readers to make three suggestions.

I fully agree with yours, but these are mine: 1) To have represented the town in a major sport. In my case, as a member of Scarborough Athletic Club - the winner of the Junior and Senior Top Playing team at the 2011 Scarborough Borough Awards; 2) To have supported a town club at a major sport. For me, it has been football and rugby league. Memories of the Conference days and the Chelsea game; 3) To have had a letter published in the Scarborough Evening News. I had a ‘letter of the week’ once!

I was born in Bradford but left the town when I joined the RAF. I moved to Scarborough on retirement after a 20 year second career at the Court of Appeal in London in 2002.

Mick Thompson

Byward Drive