Spray artists gets to work on stage

Andrew Nurse
Andrew Nurse

A PROFESSIONAL graffiti artist has been hard at work after volunteering to decorate the set of Footloose.

The show is being staged by the Scarborough and District Light Operatic Society, which made a plea for the help a graffiti artist.

In response Andrew Nurse, who recently started his own business came forward.

Working to a brief from Footloose director Adam Flynn, Mr Nurse was given free reign on 100sq ft of wall which will form part of the set.

Mr Nurse said: “I have never worked in a theatre before so creating a mural to fit in a storyline has been a whole new concept and experience for me.”

His previous graffiti work has included company vans, bedroom murals and retail signage.

Mr Flynn said; “I am really pleased to have had the opportunity to integrate an artform not so often used in theatre.”

Footloose runs from May 31 to June 4 at the YMCA Theatre.