Stamp of approval for philatelists

stamp club
stamp club

A SET of spoof stamps is now available on an internet auction website to help raise funds for Scarborough Philatelic Society.

Every year the society releases a set to coincide with April 1 and this year’s edition is a version of the large gold stickers issued at Post Office branches. Chris Phillips, the group secretary, said it was a bit of fun to help raise funds when they are placed on eBay.

He added: “There’s always some people who buy them. We cover our costs and we give a sheet to all members that come to our April meeting. People like odd things. I’ve been doing it for five years now and there’s been an April 1 stamp for each of those years.”

This year’s stamps have the theme “chain mail” and are in A5 sheets – each containing six copies of the replica – with the aim of raising awareness of the club.

Last year Chris created a special sheet of replica stamps to commemorate the Queen’s visit to Scarborough when she officially reopened the restored Open Air Theatre.

And the first year Mr Phillips said the spoof had the Queen’s head on upside down which were supposed to be for sending letters to the southern hemisphere.

He said: “They do say 1st on them but it stands for April 1st, not first class so we’re not defrauding the Royal Mail.They always sell and seem to be very popular.”

n The Scarborough Philatelic Society welcomes new members. For more information call (01723) 368475 or visit