Star Carr planning decision deferred over missing reports

Dr Nicky Milner at Star Carr. Picture by Tony Bartholomew.
Dr Nicky Milner at Star Carr. Picture by Tony Bartholomew.

One of Britain’s most important megalithic archaeology sites has come under discussion during a planning meeting at Scarborough’s Town Hall.

An application has been received in relation to Star Carr Farm at Malton Road, Seamer, regarding redevelopment at the farm.

The archaeological site, which is around 750 metres from the farm, features the remains of a house dating back to 8,500 BC.

The planning application has been made by James Stockdale Ltd and includes a new workshop and store building, weighbridge, vehicle wash and security gates.

The applicant is also seeking permission to extend the hardstanding areas for staff, visitor and HGV parking, and for the installation of a fuel tank and associated draining infrastructure.

A report was presented by planning officer Paul Cooper, who explained that the work would lead to the vacation of Stockdale’s current site at Main Street, Seamer.

He stressed that the key issue was archaeology and that an evaluation must me carried out to evaluate the potential for impact.

Mr Cooper said: “Star Carr is as important to the Mesolithic period as Stonehenge is to the Neolithic period.”

He added that agencies including English Heritage and North Yorkshire Archaeological Service had asked for more time to carry out reports.

Members were asked to approve the application, but with delegated powers to enable officers to refuse it if the surveys came back with any major objections.

Cllr Colin Haddington said: “I’m very concerned about the archaeological aspect, but I’m happy with the application.”

Cllr Brian Watson added: “There are still lots of comments awaited on the application. I don’t think it’s right to go ahead with so many bits of information missing.”

Planning committee chairman, Cllr Jane Mortimer, said: “With the vehicle cleaning and washing area, I want to make sure that there’s no contamination getting into the land.”

Councillors voted to defer the decision, pending the archaeological reports.