Star pupils celebrate success

George Bell'Bramcote School Award ceremony - 28/06/2014
George Bell'Bramcote School Award ceremony - 28/06/2014

A speech day and prize giving event for Bramcote Junior School has taken place at Scarborough College.

The event was declared a huge success by assistant headteacher Caroline Brown, who said it was “a fabulous day”.

She thanked guest speaker Neil Gardner, who used to teach English at the school, and all those who attended the event.

The day featured performances of song and dance, a students vs parents cricket match and lunch.

The prize winners were as follows: Progress Prizes: Ben Guthrie, Robin Pattison, Mark Nichols, Patrick Wharton, Austen Pattison, Mary Barker, Sarah Daoud; Infant Literacy Prizes: Rosa Leach, Aishani Datt, Louisa Adams; Infant Numeracy Prizes: Cayton Deshayes-McCourt, Rebecca Shacklock, Tom Scothern; Subject Prizes – Infant: Emma Guthrie (Art), Thomas Hiley (Music), Kaden Evans (PE), Madeline Barker (Swimming); Subject Prizes - Junior: Freddie Bradley (Maths), Nellie Davison (English), Freddie Bradley (Science), George Bell (French), George Bell (History), Frankie Drinkwater (Geography, ICT, D&T and Girl’s Drama), Nellie Davison (Music), Rio Corrigan (Art), George Chambers (Boy’s Drama); Sports Prizes: Guy Scothern (Boy’s Football), Issy Mudd (Girl’s Football), Michael Haley (Boy’s Hockey), Kyra Doubtfire-Langfield (Girl’s Hockey), Guy Scothern (Most improved cricketer), Freddie Bradley (Cricket Cup), Frankie Drinkwater (Netball Cup), Marco Masucci (Boys Cross Country Cup), Issy Mudd (Girls Cross Country Cup), Tara Snowdon (Rounders Cup), George Bell (Boys Swimming Cup), Emma Walton (Girls Swimming Cup), Sarah Daoud (Most improved swimmer), Issy Mudd (Fairbank Cup for most improved girls sports), Sophie Thornton (The New Bramcote Junior School Trophy), George Bell (The Caring Cup and The Industry Cup).