Statements from your General Election candidates

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On Thursday May 7 the people of Scarborough and Whitby will go to the polls to determine who will represent them in Westminster for the next five years.

Robert Goodwill is standing for re-election and is being challenged

by candidates from Labour, Liberal Democrats, UKIP and the Green Party.

On May 7 some voters in Scarborough will vote in three separate elections: the General Election, borough elections and parish elections.

Here the candidates speak about youth voters and make a plea for your vote:

Robert Goodwill - Conservative - on Youth

“We want to help our young people succeed.

North Yorkshire has some of the best schools and colleges in the country so school-leavers here are in a strong position to go on to further study or get a job.

Our changes to student funding have made university more affordable and

attainable. Graduates only start to repay their fees

when they are earning £21,000.

More students from disadvantaged backgrounds are now at university.

Since 2010 we have already created over two million apprenticeships, enabling more young people to learn a skilled trade and get on in life.

In the next five years

we will deliver three million


Under Labour, youth unemployment rose by 40 per cent but in the last year alone, youth unemployment here on the coast has more than halved.

More young people have good jobs.

We have also cut taxes, making the first £10,000 per year you earn each year free of income tax. We want to raise this to £12,500 in the next Parliament.

Our plan is working, with more jobs, more apprenticeships, and more university places. Only the Conservatives have the clear economic plan and credible leadership to build a better future for the next generation.”

Robert Goodwill statement:

“Can you remember a time when there has been so much good news in our area?

In December we heard that there will be the first major improvement to the A64 for 38years. The water park is underway and the sports village and football ground are following closely behind. There are exciting new plans for the Futurist site and I hope we can soon add a multiplex cinema to this list.

I have secured the release of £4.8 million to repair the Whitby Piers and £2.7 million has been allocated to renovate the Scarborough Market Hall creating space for 30 new businesses.

Coventry University is investing £12 million in a new facility that will eventually accommodate up to 5,000 students.

The new University Technical College will be on the same Weaponness site, teaching skills alongside mainstream education to 14 to 19 year olds.

The new £5 million Lilac Ward has just opened at Scarborough Hospital alongside the urgent care walk-in centre at Accident and Emergency.

Conservative reforms gave the power to local doctors to block the closure of Whitby Hospital and it now has a

secure future with a new operator.

And that’s not even mentioning 1,000 jobs at the new potash mine.”

Ian McInnes - Labour - on youth:

“Life has always been difficult for young people in this area.

Not enough real jobs with prospects. Not enough opportunities for training. House prices increasing.

I know this from my own personal experience.

I had to move away from my home town of Whitby to get a job, training and qualifications.

But things haven’t got better since then, under this Tory government they’ve got worse:

• Almost one million young people out of work.

• Tuition fees trebled to £9,000 per year, leaving students with a lifetime of mountainous debts.

• The 50 per cent of young people who don’t go to university almost entirely forgotten; no training and low quality


• The youth rate on the minimum wage held down.

• Zero hours contracts in the vast majority of jobs done by young people locally.

If you are a first time voter, you can do something about this on May 7.

It doesn’t have to be like this....

Labour will:

• Ban zero hours contracts.

• Guarantee an apprenticeship for everyone who gets the grades.

• Build more affordable houses.

• Reduce tuition fees by £3,000.

• Increase the minimum wage to £8 an hour with similar increases for the youth rate.

• Lower the voting age to 16.

Ian McInnes statement:

At this election you face a choice.

A choice between a Conservative government and a Labour government. There is so much at stake.

This government has given a tax cut to millionaires, whilst millions pay more tax.

Wealth is not trickling down, poverty is trickling up.

We are in crisis and the Government refuses to

admit it.

So much is wrong:

• The NHS on its knees, waiting lists growing.

• The heaviest cuts imposed on families.

• Real wages fallen by £1,600 a year.

• Students crippled by debt.

• Worthwhile apprenticeships a thing of the past.

• Insecure jobs with zero hours contracts.

• The fewest houses built since the 1920s.

• Nearly 100 fewer police officers in North Yorkshire.

Labour believes our country needs to be fairer and more equal.

This is what we would do:

• Cap the rise in energy bills

• Ban exploitative zero hours contracts

• Raise the minimum wage to £8 per hour

• Increase free childcare from 15 to 25 hours

• Abolish the bedroom tax

• Cut business rates

• Double paternity leave and increase pay to £260 a week

• Reverse the privatisation of the NHS

• grew up here; went to school here; live here; I know the problems and would represent you well.

Michael Beckett - Lib Dems - on Youth:

The Liberal Democrats are the party of opportunity for young people.

Our society can only be fairer if every person, irrespective of background and circumstance, is able to fulfil their potential. That’s why we are working to give all young people the very best start in life.

Local Lib Dems, Liberal Youth and Mike Beckett want to try and boost the numbers of young people getting into work, through job fairs and apprenticeships.

Michael Beckett, Liberal Democrats Parliamentary Candidate for Scarborough and Whitby said: “Getting young people into work is so important, that’s why it

was and is a Liberal Democrat priority in Govern-


“With one million new jobs and over two million apprenticeships created since 2010; Lib Dems targeted unemployment and want to go further to create learning opportunities, apprenticeships and real long term full time jobs for young people”.

The Liberal Democrats placed improving mental health services at the heart of our manifesto.

One in 10 children and young people suffer from mental health problems, and Liberal Democrats want to see an improvement in the quality of services available to help support them.

Liberal Youth are actively involved locally inviting

other young people of all

political persuasion to their regular pizza and politics events details

Michael Beckett statement:

Liberal Democrats believe that people matter, we believe in change that is responsive to people’s needs and aspirations.

Changes by the will of the people, generated by evidence based reason and the passion to help.

We will never get everybody to take an active part in our community, but what we have got to do is to give everyone the opportunity.

Freedom often entails dissent and opposition; we must not be afraid to oppose what is evil.

Isolationism is not good for Britain being Pro Europeans; we want to reform the EU from within without damaging trade links and jobs.

Creating influence and trade to help prevent another war like the illegal Labour and Conservative led war in Iraq.

The flip flop between

Conservatives and Labour, both so intimately concerned with business and industrial vested interests, has failed Britain.

The Conservatives, for too long, have pretended not to see what it does not like, and taken the people of Scarborough, Whitby for granted.

They have shown complacency and inertia in the

face of incompetence and injustice.

Lib Dems believe, and have properly costed policies, which will move society towards greater freedoms and fairness.

It is for moderate Liberal Democrats to show that Britain can do this as a free people without falling prey to authoritarianism the other parties offer.

If you elected me I would be honoured and work as hard as I can to bring prosperity and recognition to this beautiful area and its great people.

David Malone - Green - on youth:

Here is what the three traditional parties have done for the young.

Tuition fees, zero hours contracts, the bedroom tax, fracking companies allowed to put what they like under your house and to leave it there, local planning laws no longer to apply to nuclear waste storage so they can be built without local consent, another bank bad debt bubble being incubated and nothing done to prevent it, while you are still paying for the last one. And you are paying for it.

The austerity of today is nothing to do with public services or public debt. In 2008 public debt was 42 per cent of GDP.

By 2012 it has doubled to 84 per cent.

You tell me what happened between ’08 and ’12. Those are government figures by the way.

Oh, I forgot to mention privatising the NHS and the police. And in case that doesn’t please you, all the main parties are busy supporting a trade deal with America which according to the latest and best study will cost 600,000 jobs lost across Europe and a lowering of food and safety standards as well as a general lowering of wages.

Tory or Tory-lite.

You get shafted either way.

David Malone statement:

The electoral system is broken and it in turn is breaking our society.

Our nation is being vandalised, everything valuable and decent is being shut down or sold off while the wealthiest are now far richer than they have ever been and paying themselves more each year.

And we are allowing it.

We will not fix this by not voting.

If none of you vote they will still be elected and will laugh while filling our their expenses. Either you vote for a radical party willing and able to re-build from the fundamentals up, or you let this system continue to blight your hopes and those of your children.

Even one Green MP can speak up for the things no one else will mention and ask the questions that no one else will ask. If the other parties were going to fix the electoral system, reign in the banks, or make corporations pay their taxes they have had decades to do it. They haven’t.

A vote for any of the major parties is a vote for failure and defeat. A vote for the Green Party is a vote for the future.

We have the expertise and the political will to do what is right.

Sam Cross - UKIP - on youth:

We believe in Britain and we believe in the future, which is our youth.

We have young independents, and we have a 21-year-old standing in Eastfield, Tom Seston, a student at Yorkshire Coast College.

We also have the youngest councillor in Cllr Roxanne Murphy.

We have the youngest parliamentary candidate in Joe Jenkins, chairman of UKIP Students, who is standing in Hallam against Nick Clegg because he wants to expose the betrayal by the political parties and Nick Clegg in the tuition fees scandal. Joe is a former Liberal-Democrat member.

UKIP will remove tuition fees for students taking approved STEM subjects on the condition that they work and pay tax in the UK for five years on completing their course.

Sam Cross statement:

Do you believe in Britain? UKIP do. That’s why UKIP want to deliver an EU referendum, so you can decide.

UKIP will cut our foreign aid budget by £9billion, which, when coupled with billions saved from EU membership, will be invested in the NHS, in social care and in schools for your benefit.

UKIP will leave the EU Common Fisheries policy and reinstate British territorial waters for the benefit of our fishermen.

UKIP are not opposed to immigration, we are opposed to mass uncontrolled immigration. UKIP believe an Australian-style points based system will see immigration fall to manageable levels.

UKIP will increase your personal allowance to ensure there is no tax on the minimum wage by the next parliament.

UKIP oppose the bedroom tax and we will abolish inheritance tax too.

UKIP will increase the defence budget to 2010 levels across the parliament and honour the military covenant to our servicemen.

UKIP will scrap HS2 saving £70billion, and reinvest in our transport infrastructure.

In the 2014 European elections. UKIP topped the poll at 39 per cent, with the Tories and Labour well adrift. I am the man to unseat Robert Goodwill.

Stay the course and we will deliver real change.