Status change unacceptable

RE campaign for our hospital:

After year upon year of maladministration of our hospital asset by highly paid executives, and attention seeking directors, the only end result is now facing our community.

However, they are not the ones at fault.

The fault lies with us the local Joe Public and tax payers, who blindly follow like sheep, and allow the poor service to continue without comment, action or criticism. And it is not just the local health service. All walks of local life come into the same category: the current floods, the road works, the Open Air Theatre, the water works on the sea front. It all comes home to roost eventually because of poor decision making, poor quality of work, and highly paid, useless directors across the spectrum, who are only able to bank their high salaries, they are incapable of anything else.

Good luck with your campaign.

Howard Duckwith

East Avenue