Status change unacceptable

Many residents of Eastfield have spoken about their dismay at learning of the proposed changes that the hospital board have being discussing on how to save money at Scarborough Hospital. We have already seen what they are doing to Malton Hospital in the way of cutting the hours of the minor injury unit to save money, this may be the first steps in the closure of this unit altogether.

And why? Because of the crippling debt the hospital board have inherited from years of mismanagement, and the way the funding system worked against people living in North Yorkshire. If North Yorkshire was an inner city none of our hospital services would be threatened.

Deprivation levels are a key component in any funding settlement. Neither the Conservative or Labour Governments have put this anomaly right when they have been in office for many years and had many opportunities to do so.

The one question that stands out for me is this the start of regionalisation of our hospital services at York, similar to what they have in the United Stated of America with the very big state hospitals. I know that many leading Conservatives admire the US system of health care.

If this was a free thinking exercise, what is unthinkable this year may well be the answer next year, or the year after that. The one fact in all this is the NHS and our hospitals are not safe in the hands of a minority Conservative Government.

Cllr G Evans

Liberal Democrat

Eastfield Ward

Scarborough Borough Council

Eastfield Parish Council