Steve Kittrick: Chris has a big future in football

Steve Kittrick and Chris Bolder
Steve Kittrick and Chris Bolder

It has been a tough week for my assistant Chris Bolder, but he has made the correct decision to call time on his playing career.

He has been a great servant to this club as a player and he did so well to bounce back after that horrible knee injury.

When he did that it was down to him, but I encouraged him and he has repaid the club again with some good performances this season.

I have known Chris for a good number of years, from having him at Ossett and I then took him to Guiseley.

Since then I have kept an eye on him and in fact he was the person that introduced me to Dave Holland before I took the job at Scarborough.

The key in management is trust and I trust Chris 100% because he is such a good bloke.

I oversee training sessions, but it is up to him and Steve Roberts to put them together. I have been very impressed with how technical and engaging they are.

It will be difficult for me on a matchday because his perfectionism is quite annoying.

He complains about everything, I can see why his wife sends him off on a Saturday.

I have been lucky with my number twos, people like Wayne Benn, Chris Holland and Phil Thompson have been great to work with and now I have Chris, who has picked up a great deal in his time in the game.

If he continues to learn then I’m sure he will get his own management job in the future, if that is what he wants to do.