STEVE KITTRICK: Digging in and working to put it right at Scarborough Athletic

It has been a hard time recently, but we will be working our backsides off to make sure things are right when we get back to playing a week on Saturday at Workington.

Thursday, 13th December 2018, 10:28 am
Updated Thursday, 13th December 2018, 10:30 am
Boro boss Steve Kittrick

When we lose on a Saturday I don’t tend to sleep because you spend the whole time questioning yourself.

What you think about and ponder is the manner in which we have lost.

It is hard, but I said to the players on Saturday that we can’t spend too much time dwelling on things.

If you do that it can get under players’ skins.

We know what is going on, we know that we have lost the last four games in all competitions.

We know we have made mistakes and we have been punished for them.

We need to fight to get ourselves away from this run and that is what we will do.

That is something we’ll do as a unit, including the management team and the players.

At the moment we are second in the table. Yes, teams have got a few games in hand on us, but I’m still content with where we are.

We trained last night and we’ll be training hard on Saturday as well.

After that the lads are going out for their Christmas night out in York, which will do them the world of good.

Humey (Mark Hume), Steve Roberts and myself will be out for the first few hours and then after that they can go and do what they do.

It will be massive for them because it is the chance to let off some steam, have a bit of craic and also bond together as a group.

Then it will be a case of getting ready for the following weekend’s game at training on Wednesday.

By that point we will be back and raring to go and we’ll be hungry for the three points at Workington.

If we do the right things and work hard then the rest will follow on.