STEVE KITTRICK: It has been a funny week of football

Steve Kittrick
Steve Kittrick

It isn’t often that you travel 400 miles for your game to be off, your assistant manager leaves and you scrap your way to a cup win all in one week.

But I suppose that is football.

Last weekend was a frustrating one, but looking back I don’t suppose there was too much malice in the situation.

The fact that Colwyn Bat trained on the pitch after the postponement rubbed a bit of salt in the wounds though.

But that is levels. If you are further up the pyramid, which is where we aim to be, then the pitches are better and the decisions are made earlier.

We still had a good bonding session on the bus coming home though.

James Walshaw showed that he is an entertainer because a few of the lads had to do a big of singing.

Nathan Curtis blew everyone out of the water with his acapella, he has really missed out on a career in showbusiness.

But at the same time his dancing is terrible.

After all that, Tuesday was a challenging day because Chris Bolder decided to leave us to take over as manager of North Ferriby.

It looks to be the right fit for him because they play 15 minutes from his house and I know how busy he has been recently at school.

As soon as Jamie Waltham bought the club and Chris’ brother Adam re-signed for them, I knew it was just a matter of time.

Jamie has good intentions for the club. He is looking to make it a Hull club for Hull people and I wish him, Chris and Adam the best of luck with everything.

Just a few hours after Chris left we had a tough game against Ossett Town in the Integro League Cup, which we managed to win 2-1.

We played some good football going forward, but I think we just needed to be a little more patient with that final pass.

We could maybe have defended a little tighter as well, but they are both things that we can work on.

James Walshaw picked up a bit of a knock, so we’ll have to keep an eye on him, but we changed to the Plan B by bringing on Jimmy Beadle and Billy Logan in a 4-4-2 and that worked out for us.

The lads we have available on the bench give us good options, which is the positive of having a good, strong squad of players going forward.