STEVE KITTRICK: Keeping our feet firmly on the ground

Steve Kittrick's view
Steve Kittrick's view

There is a good vibe around the club at the moment, but we have to keep that ship sailing and people’s feet on the ground.

We have to remind the players that it is a long season, there is a fine line between being good and being arrogant.

I’ve been in the game long enough to see when cockiness starts creeping in, we’ll make sure that it won’t happen.

There are times when things won’t go our way, as there was on Tuesday night when we lost our way for 15 or 20 minutes.

But we got it sorted and we went on to win the game comfortably.

As I’ve said before, keeping everyone happy is one of the hardest things, but the lads who aren’t playing will get their chance.

Once they have been given the opportunity they have to take it and keep themselves in the starting XI.

We look strong all over the park at the moment though, we have strength on the bench and there are more players to come back from injury as well.

The games continue to come thick and fast, starting with what will be a difficult trip to Skelmersdale this weekend.

Their manager has just departed, so going into Saturday we don’t know what we will get.

It isn’t the easiest place in the world to go, but we’ve got to keep picking up the points to get us where we want to be.

That is the same with the home game against Goole on Tuesday, which is a fixture I’m looking forward to.

The fans at the Flamingo Land Stadium have been amazing this season and we are giving them something to cheer about.

Long may that continue.

We’ll be hoping for a big turn-out against Goole and then we go into the FA Cup home tie against Stratford the Saturday after, which is another exciting game for the club and the town.

The league is our bread and butter, but you always want to advance in the FA Cup because it is such a great competition.

We know we’re not going to win it and that we are going to go out at some point, but we have to enjoy it while we can and push on as far as we can.