Store petition to go to No.10

A PETITION against the development of a Tesco superstore in Scarborough will be delivered to Downing Street.

Malcolm Short, chairman of the Scarborough Town Against Tesco Store group, will take a 5,400-signature petition to London next month, accompanied by group member Sylvia Bonnett.

As well as opposing the building of the store in Dean Road - which would be three times the size of the Tesco store in Westwood - signatories are against the proposed closure of part of Trafalgar Street West and installing traffic lights at the junction of Dean Road and Columbus Ravine.

Mr Short said: “Every time we’ve gone out with the petition it hasn’t been a problem getting people to sign it.

“We’ve had a few in shops and businesses around Dean Road but by far the biggest response has been when we’ve been out in town talking to people and explaining what it’s all about.”

Mr Short says that he initially approached Scarborough MP Robert Goodwill and asked him to bring the petition to Parliament, but decided to take the petition himself when he did not receive a final answer.

“He said that as he is a Government whip he did not think he was allowed to do it but would find out and let us know,” Mr Short added.

“As he has failed to contact us, and the time is getting nearer for the planning committee to make its decision, we had no option but to take it ourselves.

“We are hoping to raise awareness about what’s happening in Scarborough.

“These superstores in town centres are being built all over the country.

“We also want to let people know that we’re still here and we’re not going anywhere. We will fight it.”

Tesco plans, which were due to go before the council’s planning committee in April, have been hit by delays.

The date was initially put back until the summer, and the council then announced in July that the planning hearing, which will be held alongside an application to expand Sainsbury’s in Falsgrave, would not be heard until later this month at the earliest.

Tesco have said that should their plans get the go-ahead, their Westwood store would be redeveloped to accommodate 66 assisted living apartments and a care home which would house 61 elderly people.

The Scarborough Town Against Tesco Store petition will be taken to Downing Street on September 8.