Store wars in a good cause

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IN A shopping centre not that far away, in Scarborough not too long ago, heads were turned as two Star Wars stormtroopers patrolled Westborough.

Their appearance had been organised by staff at the town’s branch of Gamestation and they managed to raise £100 for Children’s Hospices UK from donations as people were photographed next to the characters from the Rebel Legion group.

The event coincided with the release of the Nintendo 3DS games console and a Star Wars Lego game.

Alison Wiles, the branch manager, said: “There was a really good atmosphere in store as well. They’ve been here before, this is the third time they’ve been here.

“Hopefully they’ll be here again later in the year because there’s another game coming out. They always get a good reception here and they love coming to Scarborough.”

She added that both young and older people wanted to have their picture taken next to the Stormtroopers and were happy to donate to the cause. “You’d think it’d be little kids wanting their pictures taken but there were teenage girls, mums and dads and even the older generation. Star Wars is such a popular franchise across all ages,” she said.

Children’s Hospices UK is the chosen charity for Gamestation and aims to help an estimated 23,500 children and young people in the UK who will die before they reach adulthood.