'The strangest thing I have found so far is a sex toy'

For the past couple of years, Lisa Crosier has been doing her bit to make her part of the Yorkshire coast a little tidier.

Friday, 8th March 2019, 12:35 pm
Updated Friday, 8th March 2019, 12:48 pm
Lisa Crosier is able to continue with her litter picking around Bempton, thanks to local builder Craig Ramsden, who has bought her a new trolley.

As part of her efforts to clean up the community, she heads out once a week armed with a litter picker and a trolley, and collects bags full of rubbish which have been dumped around Bempton.

But her goodwill gesture looked like being scuppered when her trolley broke, but she has been able to carry on thanks to a local builder who has bought her a replacement.

"I wrote to a lot of big companies but none of them could help me," said Lisa, who is now retired. "I carried on struggling with my broken trolley when Craig Ramsden saw me as he was driving up Bempton Lane and volunteered to buy me a new one.

"I try to get out once a week because I like to see the area looking nice, but as soon as I have done a clean-up, the rubbish is back the next day."

She tries to pick up litter from Short Lane, Jewison Lane, Newsham Hill and Bempton Lane, as well as the village centre.

"I have been doing this for nearly two years," she said. "It started when a car crashed on the bend near here and there was glass all over the grass. I went to pick it up, noticed all the rubbish and then got obsessed. I knew I couldn't ignore it."

As well as the usual packaging from takeaways and alcohol bottles, she has found a host of odd items. She said the strangest was a sex toy, which she found 'amusing', as well as a 'she-wee' and dozens of pairs of latex gloves.